The ultimate tool for theatre captioning.

Surtitle creation

Let AI turn your script into surtitles

We have trained our AI to recognise dialogues and distinguish them from stage directions and scenic notes. Thanks to that we can "crunch" script of your play and turn it directly into subtitles.
Surtitle translation

Create AI translations in minutes

In recent years, the machine translation made a huge leap. Our AI creates translations focused on context and preserving style of writing. During the translation, we concider your whole script. Even when you want to translate just a single line.

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New feature

Benefits of surtitles in cloud


Everyone has up-to-date version of surtitles

Have instant overview of current state of translation and lines to be screened, without sending your surtitle file back and forth.

Collaborate in real time

Have instant overview of current state of translation and lines to be screened. Invite dramaturg, director and translator to work on the same Captitles project.

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Adjusting Scenography with Surtitles

Let's explore how to make scenography adjustments in theatre show with surtitles to enhance viewer engagement and enjoyment.

Streamlining Surtitles: A Director's Guide

Struggling with surtitles? Discover a quick and efficient way to create and edit subtitles for your theatrical performances. Simplify your process now.

What is the difference between subtitles and surtitles?

Subtitles and surtitles are both forms of textual translations that are used in theatrical performances, but they have some key differences. Subtitles are typically used in film or television, surtitles are used in live performances.