Captitles: Spectitular alternative

Spectitular is great for basic captioning, but does not solve the issue of creation of the surtitles well. Simplify your theater captioning by removing the manual labour, with Captitles.
SaaS tool working on multiple platforms.
Advanced features, better workflows and automation.
All features
Basic features
Free trial
AI surtitle creation from script
Translation support
Cloud collaboration
Up to 8
Easy to access support
Supported OS
Mac and Win
"Captitles brought a new level of professionalism to our captioning. It's a must-have for any theater"
Sarah Williams
Theater Manager, Opaline Drama Society
"Notre public multilingue apprécie les traductions précises. Captitles a amélioré nos surtitres, renforçant notre inclusivité."
Jean-Luc Moreau
Director, Collectif Scénique Lumineux
"Captitles changed our captioning process. Its AI-driven script conversion saved us countless hours."
Emily Clarke
Stage Manager, Echo Arts Center
"Switching to Captitles was a smart move. It's reliable and user-friendly, even for complex productions."
Thomas Leclerc-Bradley
Dramaturg, Théâtre de la Lune
"As a Lighting Designer, syncing lights with captions was seamless with Captitles. It's impressively versatile."
Alex Mercer
Lighting Designer, Oak Theatre
"Captitles' user interface is incredibly operator-friendly, making last-minute changes smooth and stress-free."
Alexander Girard
Professional Surtitler
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