Why you should not use PowerPoint for your surtitles

The tool used to create and display surtitles can make a significant difference in their effectiveness.
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Why not to use PowerPoint for theater surtitles

Volume of slides

Each caption requires a separate slide. Imagine a play with 1000 lines; this would mean creating 1000 slides, plus additional ones for blackouts. This not only becomes cumbersome but also increases the chances of errors and mismanagement.

Editing challenges

Editing theatre subtitles in PowerPoint can be a nightmare. While templates can help maintain a consistent style, they don't solve all problems. Some edits can't be made in bulk, making the process time-consuming and prone to inconsistencies.

Translation issues

The sequence of creating surtitles becomes a dilemma. Should the PowerPoint captions be created first or the translated script? If the individual crafting the surtitles isn't fluent in the play's language, how can they ensure accuracy and context?

Lack of versioning

PowerPoint doesn't inherently support versioning. This means that if multiple people are working on the captions, there's no systematic way to track changes. Files are often sent back and forth via email or cloud storage, increasing the risk of using outdated versions or losing crucial edits.

Screening difficulties

PowerPoint isn't designed for theatrical screenings. Blackouts, essential for theater, aren't a built-in function. If actors deviate from the script or miss a line, the person managing the surtitles might frantically shuffle through slides, trying to sync with the performance, often causing confusion for the audience.

Limited preview

The person operating the surtitles can only see one upcoming caption. This limitation makes it challenging to anticipate and prepare for the next transition, especially in fast-paced scenes.

Aspect ratio constraints

Theaters might have unique screen proportions, different from the standard 4:3 or 16:9 PowerPoint formats. Adjusting slides to fit these unconventional dimensions can distort the text or design, making it less legible for the audience.

Why is Captitle app the solution you are looking for

All the captions you need

Even with over 1000+ captions (* amount of translations), you can find and edit anything you need.

Editing at ease

You can simply find, edit, replace, split one caption into two lines, join two captions into two lines, etc.

Translation in one place

Invite translator to your workspace and let them provide the translations you need.

Versioning in cloud

All captions are synced over the cloud. Even last-minute edits will be synced to all collaborators.

Blackout when needed

Press the space key, and the screening area will go blank. Meanwhile, you can search for the correct caption.

Preview what's next

All titles are available for you to preview even during a live theater show screening. You won't doubt what's coming next.

Variable screening area

Regardless of the shape or size of your screening area, you'll be able to make it fit without editing the captions themselves.

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