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Can AI by processing my script really produce high-quality surtitles?
Absolutely, give it a try yourself! Our app is free to download. Just import your script and experience the quality firsthand.
Our theater lacks the necessary equipment for surtitling. Is there a way you can assist?
Yes, we can help. Our upcoming feature, Captions to Audio, eliminates the need for projection equipment. It streams translated spoken surtitles like a podcast, requiring only a smartphone, earphones, and internet access for your audience.
Our scenography doesn't allow for surtitling. Do you have a solution?
Certainly! Our upcoming feature, Captions to Audio, is designed to tackle this issue. It eliminates the need for visual projection by providing translated audio surtitles, requiring just a smartphone and internet connectivity for your audience.
How can we reduce the cost of implementing surtitles?
Captitles significantly reduces the time and cost of creating surtitles by automating and translating them through AI. Plus, we're developing features like Automatic Surtitles Detection and Captions to Audio to further cut costs.
We had surtitles before, but they didn't attract more audience. Why?
Consistency and marketing are key. Regular captioning of all shows and clear information about this in your marketing materials are vital. Promoting your captioned shows in relevant channels, like local groups for people with hearing disabilities, can also make a significant difference.
Our theater faces process-related challenges in surtitling, such as projection requirements and operating costs. Can you assist?
Yes, we are addressing these challenges with new features like Automatic Surtitles Detection and Captions to Audio. These will minimize the need for projection and operational costs, relying instead on technology like speech recognition and streaming audio translations.
Will the app always be free?
The app will remain free for small theaters. For larger venues, we plan to introduce a daily rental program (similar to Qlab, for example).
What's the difference between surtitles made in PowerPoint and your app?
If you have previous experience creating surtitles in PowerPoint, try downloading Captitles and importing your script. You will notice the difference for yourself.
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