Import theater show script and convert it into surtitles or supertitles.

Stream captions as if it was a podcast

You don't need to screen captions. Create as many translations as you want, let audience choose what language they want to listen to. Surtitle operator sets timing in real-time.
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Speech quality

Try out how natural the voice sounds

"Today, you shall have Justice's responsibility in the Kingdom. You will judge and condemn culprits and acquit innocents with proof and evidence. Be righteous and equitable. Will you be ready to be committed?"





"Captitles brought a new level of professionalism to our captioning. It's a must-have for any theater"
Sarah Williams
Theater Manager, Opaline Drama Society
"Notre public multilingue apprécie les traductions précises. Captitles a amélioré nos surtitres, renforçant notre inclusivité."
Jean-Luc Moreau
Director, Collectif Scénique Lumineux
"Captitles changed our captioning process. Its AI-driven script conversion saved us countless hours."
Emily Clarke
Stage Manager, Echo Arts Center
"Switching to Captitles was a smart move. It's reliable and user-friendly, even for complex productions."
Thomas Leclerc-Bradley
Dramaturg, Théâtre de la Lune
"As a Lighting Designer, syncing lights with captions was seamless with Captitles. It's impressively versatile."
Alex Mercer
Lighting Designer, Oak Theatre
"Captitles' user interface is incredibly operator-friendly, making last-minute changes smooth and stress-free."
Alexander Girard
Professional Surtitler

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