Where do you buy gaffer tape with good price/quality ratio? ⤵️

You don’t ever buy the cheapest gaff tape. And no f**king duct tape. Never. Duct tape leaves residue, rips off paint and is, in general, awful.
-- Reddit user
Feature imageFeature imageFeature imageFeature imageFeature image
Gerband Tape 258 BK
Ideal for sticking without leaving residue. Width: 50 mm x Length: 50 m
MagTape® Matt Pro Gaffer Tape
No residue for up to 120 days. 1.9% reflection ratio.
BT-279 AV Cord Tape for GaffGun
Clean removal, hand-tearable, high adhesion, and high quality.
Black Gaffers Tape
Matte finish - doesn't reflect light. True cotton cloth tape.
Pro-Gaff® Dark Grey Gaffer Tap
High strength, high performance adhesive system, highly conformable.
BT-360 DryChannel™ Gaffers
Premium grade gaffer’s tape, popular in the photography, film, theatre.
Gaffers Tape Challenge Pack
Set of gaffer’s tapes, highly conformable, for theater.
3" Gaff Tape Roll
Strong adhersion, high thickness, easy to remove - with no drama.
50 mm Gaf-Fire Fire Retardant
A high quality black self extinguishing gaffer tape.
Gaffer Tape 4" Silver
Width: 4" [100 mm]. Roll Length: 50 m. Tensile strength: 53 N/10 mm

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