All-in-one app for surtitles

Expand your audience. Sell more tickets.
Stress less.
Available for macOS and Windows.
App for captioning theater performance and opera.
Surtitle creation

Let AI turn your script into surtitles

We have trained our AI to recognise dialogues and distinguish them from stage directions and scenic notes. Thanks to that we can "crunch" script of your play and turn it directly into subtitles.
Surtitle translation

Create AI translations in minutes

In recent years, the machine translation made a huge leap. Our AI creates translations focused on context and preserving style of writing. During the translation, we concider your whole script. Even when you want to translate just a single line.

Prepare your surtitles in minutes, instead of days. Let AI do all the manual work for you. Then add your human touch. The ultimate tool for theatre captioning.

Why surtitles?

Benefits of captioned theater shows

Attract foreign audience - expats and tourists
In average mid to large city, a captioned theater show (when properly marketed) can sell in average about 30% more tickets, and reach audiences previously unseen.
Become hearing-loss friendly theater
Demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that individuals with hearing impairments can fully enjoy and participate in the cultural experience, thereby broadening your theater's audience base.
Start attending international theater festivals
Gain global exposure, showcase your work to a wider, diverse audience and open doors to international collaborations and opportunities. Engage with peers and experts from different backgrounds.
Be free to travel abroad
Pack your backpack and hit the road. This may be a real game-changer for theaters near borders of countries and various ethnic areas.
Deliver clear information
Enhance the overall viewing experience by bridging barriers and making performances accessible and enjoyable for a diverse audience.
Be seen as modern institution
Position yourself as an institution embracing technological advancements and innovative practices to enhance audience engagement and accessibility.

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Available for macOS and Windows.